Belief begins when Faith is exercised

Belief begins when Faith is exercised

Posted by Freddie Hart on Jun 28th 2019


Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

I was talking to a kid one time about Jesus Christ, and he asked me “How do you believe in a God that you have never seen before?” I told him “I have faith.” He told me it was hard to believe in something he couldn’t see. I asked him “what gas do you breathe in?” He replied “oxygen.” I replied “You can’t seeoxygen but you believe that you can breathe every single day.” The grin on his face indicated to me that he had realized he also had faith in something he couldn’t see.

The practice of faith is something that we do not understand how much we exercise it daily. You havefaith that the chair won’t break underneath you when you sit in it. You have faith that you phone willconnect with whoever you are trying to call or text. Little things like this are considered acts of faith because when you first started doing these things you have to believe that they will work without any previous knowledge. Over time, your knowledge of the matter is developed because of the faith you once exercised. I have seen Jesus Christ work multiple times in my life so for that reason I have gone from having FAITH in Jesus that he is real, to having KNOWLEDGE that he is real.

Word for thought:
Knowledge in the existence of Christ is developed over time, but an act of faith must begin the process