The Concept and Doctrines are the same; The Mediums are Different

The Concept and Doctrines are the same; The Mediums are Different

Posted by Freddie Hart on May 22nd 2019

The ability to adapt to things and modify according is a technique that is looked to some as being “submissive” and “being like the world.” I believe that modifying and adapting to the culture in some situations is crucial in tell stories and getting your message out.

I have seen this come to fruition multiple times. For example, in fitness, you always here the story “Bigger and More weights equals stronger and bigger.” While that was the only belief back in the day, science and technology have shown us that there are other ways to get the same results without the beating and battering that people in fitness once that is necessary.

Another example is the the concepts of marketing. In today’s world, the technology shift in marketing has caused some changes that some individuals do not like. For example, TV commercials were the thing in the 1980’s and 90’s. Now, there are things like social media and podcasts that have the attention that is free or extremely cheap.

Those who lived on TV commercials do not believe that social media is effective are the same individuals that are starting to see a dip in their businesses.

The last one is stories in the bible. People who believe that you shouldn’t modify stories for people to understand. They believe that the traditionalist route is the only way to go.

What people do not understand in the bible is that Jesus said “I will make you fishers of men” to fishermen and the faith of the mustard seed scripture to farmers. Sometimes being able to understand others than modify the story for them is key to having them understand.

Im not saying that you change the Bible. I’m saying you relate and display empathy to the people to understand just the importance of the concept and doctrine you are trying to give them

The concepts and doctrine hasn’t changed, the medium in which it is given has changed

Give Christianity, Fitness, and Business the “Importance” it has in order to give them the message they need.